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'What Will You Leave Your Child?'

In the midst of national hysteria and incomprehensible personal tragedy, a child is born bearing the scars of other people's sins.

Film Festivals and Awards

Shortz! Film Festival 2017
SHORT to the Point 2017
Coney Island Film Festival 2017
Fargo Fantastic Film Festival 2017
17th Shriekfest 2017 - Winner Best Horror Short Film
New York City Horror Film Festival
13Horror.com 2017 - Finalist
Puerto Madero International Film Festival 2017
Glasgow Horror Festival 2017 - Winner Best Short Horror Film
The Antic Horror Picture Show 2017
Muestra Intergalactica Short Film Festival 2017 - Honorific Mention
Cinemático Café 2017
Maverick Movie Awards 2017 - Nomination Best Actress
Macoproject Online Film Festival 2017 - Winner Best Film
La Vieja Encina 2017
16th Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards 2017 - Honorable Mention
Green Bay Film Festival Green Bay 2018
Black Sunday Film Festival 2018 - Winner Best Short Film
Beeston Film Festival 2018 - Winner Best Horror
International Short Film Festival Hacelo Corto 2018
51st Annual Worldfest Houston International Film Festival 2018 - Gold Remi Award
Unrestricted View Film Festival 2018 - Winner Best Actor
Hidalgo Film Festival 2018
El Pecado 2018
Direct Short Online Film Festival 2018 - Best DOP of the month
FilmQuest 2018 - Nomination Best Horror & Best Screenplay
Bristol Independent Film Festival 2018 - Winner Best Horror
Feratum 2018
Wreak Havoc Film Festival 2018 - Nomination Best Film & Best Foreign Film
Peachtree Village Film Festival 2018 - Finalist
Morbido Fest - 2018
Orlando Film Festival 2018
Horror Haus 2018 - Nomination Best Film, Best Young Actor,
Best Male Actor, Best Screenplay
Dead All Day Film Festival 2018 - Best Short Film