There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness. – Frank Capra

Dragon Egg Media are a dynamic indie film and video content production company. We write and produce short films, feature films, and documentaries.

From script to screen, we make films. create narrative that entertains, whether seconds to two hours, from conception to post-production.

We tell stories.

We make films.

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Film/Video Strategy

We create and shoot all kinds of films, as well as event videography, corporate, promos, and content that needs narrative-driven, visually engaging stories.

From pre-production to delivery we advise on film & video, strategically assisting in identifying the target audience and producing a carefully planned piece to maximise engagement, creatively. We help expand upon a great concept, enhance its potential, or simply help realise one from its inception.

We are involved from conception through to completion of the post-production process.


Editing, colour correction, colour grading, sound design, sound mix, sound mastering, compositing, and video encoding.

Visual Effects

A hugely important part of filmmaking, VFX can transform a project and elevate content or films to the next level, either by creating/visualising a product, logos, removal of unwanted objects, creation of environments, and enhancing of surroundings, creation of objects, or beings. Dream big.

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Latest News

  • BURN wins 1st Prize in Pamplona, Navarra, Spain!

    BURN wins 1st Prize in Pamplona, Navarra, Spain!

    Fantastico! BURN wins the jury’s 1st prize at the X Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico y de Terror de Navarra. Congratulations to everyone on BURN and thank you to the organisers, the people that were in support of the film festival and watching the films. A huge thanks to the jury! Muchas gracias!   Well […]
  • BURN es Selección Oficial en Pamplona España!

    BURN es Selección Oficial en Pamplona España!

    BURN (ARDE en Español) is Official Selection of the X Festival de Cine de Fantástico y de Terror de Navarra. Thank you to the judges, the organisers and everyone in attendance watching films there this week! Congrats to everyone who is associated with BURN, the multi-award-winning short psychological horror film.
  • BURN wins Best Thriller Short Film & Best Poster Design

    BURN wins Best Thriller Short Film & Best Poster Design

    Thanks to theNew York Instanbul Short Film Festival 2021 for our awards! Fantastic news! Congrats to everyone on BURN! And well done Brutal Posters for the excellent BURN poster!
  • Best Horror Category!

    Best Horror Category!

    Burn wins Best Horror at the World Distribution Awards! Fantastic and thank you! Both to WDA and to cast & crew that worked on the film.
Judson has recently produced two outstanding videos for us around the opening of our new offices in September 2018 and the 2019 HiT Youth Summit. Both productions have been widely distributed and very well received by multiple stakeholders, giving HiT brand recognition and credibility in the process. We love Judson for his enthusiasm, professionalism and collaborative working style. He is good at bringing together technical support as needed and his pricing is highly competitive. He remains our videographer of choice for all external PR needs.
HOPE in TottenhamRev John M. Wood MBE, Director of HOPE in Tottenham
Judson from Dragon Egg Media was a pleasure to work with throughout the length of my project. He was full of ideas and had more than enough energy to see it through from start to finish without any hiccups along the way. Would highly recommend.
MilokoSeth Elton - Miloko Founder
I have been part of a process which commissioned Judson to deliver what turned out to be an outstanding piece of work to showcase the Bridge Renewal Trust’s 10-year celebrations. Judson has excellent project and people management skills and delivered the commission within agreed timescales and budgets. Judson is passionate, highly skilled and exceeded our expectations in conveying the breadth of Bridge’s support for local residents and communities. Through film, interviews, photography, an exhibition and 24 page designed booklet, he conveyed the strength of our internal and external relationships and the passion that drives and runs throughout our team and our engagement with local people. He managed to put staff, volunteers and members, our service users and supporters at ease, working almost imperceptibly to capture the human stories that make up the community that we are all about. This was true whatever their age, background or ability, whether this was a service user, local dignitary, Deputy Mayor, or member of the GLA.
Bridge Renewal TrustColin Bowen | Director of Haringey Giving | Bridge Renewal Trust
Kudos to Judson Vaughan and his superb team Dragon Egg Media for producing the video within a tight budget. High quality emotional and film support 🙂
mama kariJonan Boto | Director of mama kari